Financial dignity for your employees

We allow employees to advance a portion of their salaries on demand, so you can give them the peace of mind that they deserve.

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Increase employee engagement

Over 70% of employees who use Advance are happier and more productive at work.
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Reduce turnover and workplace stress

Our employer partners have seen a reduction in turnover, some by nearly 40%.
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Recruit and retain top talent

81% of new employees choose companies that offer Advance as a benefit.
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How Advance Works

  1. Enroll for free

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1. Enroll for free

Enroll now to get started immediately. We tailor Advance to fit your company’s current processes.

  1. We pre-approve your employees

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2. We pre-approve your employees

Advance handles all the adminstrative matters, from pre-approvals to onboarding and repayments.

  1. Activate salary on demand

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3. Activate salary on demand

We turn a portion of an employee's salary into a credit line, which they can access on demand upon sign up.

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Why Employers Love Us

Motivate, retain and attract employees with an impactful new benefit

Support your team’s financial wellbeing at no cost or liability

Leverage our services so you can focus on your core business

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Why Employees Love Us

Don’t wait for payday. Advance a portion of your salary as you need

Take financial control - no more late payments, stress, or expensive fees

Instant disbursement straight to your bank account, 24/7

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