Why Advance

We help employees cover their daily financial needs with a click of a button

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24/7 Access to funds

  • Credit when you need it most. Apply online, anytime. No paperwork or collateral, ever
  • Funds are credited to your payroll account within minutes
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Flexible credit

  • Advance as often as you want, whenever you want
  • Only pay for what you use, never on the undrawn portion
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No add-on rates

  • We don’t charge interest, just a processing fee to get funds to you immediately
  • Hassle-free repayment via salary deduction
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How Advance Works

  1. Partner with Advance

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1. Partner with Advance

Enroll now to get started immediately. We do all the heavy lifting, and can tailor Advance to fit your company’s current processes

  1. Employees are pre-approved

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2. Employees are pre-approved

Your employees are the heart of your business. Once we accredit your company, we offer our salary advance services to your team right away, ensuring they’ll have the financial coverage they need

  1. Repayment via salary deduction

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3. Repayment via salary deduction

We handle all the administrative matters and commit to making the collections process hassle-free

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Employer Benefits

Achieve higher productivity and increase retention with happier and more engaged employees

  • No cost or liability to our company partners
  • Improve performance and boost employee morale
  • Simple onboarding and repayment process

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Employee Benefits

Access to your salary anytime for financial flexibility and peace of mind

  • Advance up to 50% of your salary, in tranches or entirely
  • Get your funds in minutes; available online 24/7
  • 0% interest, hassle-free repayment via salary deduction

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